Our Vision

We’ve dedicated this page to a slightly deeper dive to who we are and what we do as a business.

The Brick Barn is a project aimed at creating a self sufficient business that can take things that already exist in the world and reuse them.

All our Lego pieces come from trade in and second hand sources meaning we only use Lego that already exists. We take it from under dusty beds, backs of cupboards and forgotten lofts, clean and sterilise it, then top it off by putting it back in the hands of creative minds to enjoy for years to come.

We also intend on trying to save as much Lego as we can from going to landfill and plan on trying to build a bond with local refuse centres to ensure it won’t be sent to the earth to exist for longer than we can begin to imagine.

The Brick Barn is a creative haven which are the beginnings of what we hope to be a larger transformation of the whole site. Bringing the power of imagination and creativity to people from all across the country.

Our passion is themed entertainment and immersive experience, what better combination could you have than combining that with Lego building?

We strive to develop The Brick Barn into a thriving community hub for creative minds young and old. We plan to offer adult only nights, workshops, birthday parties, private events and uniformed clubs.

Having begun our adventures there are many avenues to our business. Education is one of those avenues and we intend to begin welcoming school trips, youth groups, retirement home visits and a home education program into the Barn to ensure we’re utilising our space and gathering as much imagination power as possible.

We hope you’ll support us and see our vision of creating a fantastic destination for any creative mind.

Brick Barn Lab Harvester