What is the Brick Barn?

At The Brick Barn we have worked hard to convert this once dull space into a beautifully themed environment that will inspire any imagination to get stuck into building with Lego pieces.

We have two main rooms which both feature atmospheric lighting, themed walls and floors, themed audio and fantastically wacky set pieces.

We appreciate that some of our visitors may be nervous or anxious about visiting new spaces and have therefor created some short videos showing our interior under show conditions so you can relieve them of any anxiety they may be feeling.

We also acknowledge that during busy times and with the nature of the product it may be noisy inside The Brick Barn therefor children who are sensitive to this May like to bring along their ear defenders however we actively encourage them to appreciate that the noise of the Lego is the generation of imagination power which of course we love very much!

We have always loved theme parks so creating magical environments has always been one of our great passions.

In The Inventors Laboratory you’ll find the imagination harvester. A fantastical devise equipped with sensors for absorbing all the imagination being generated from the construction of Lego models. Make sure you check out all his previous inventions and explore the nooks and crannies of this whimsical space.

The Festival of Imagination is our second and largest room. Explore the wonders of this abandoned castle courtyard that’s become the home of the festival of imagination and been reclaimed by nature. Build under the twinkling lights and southing sounds of this magical ruined castle.

Our tickets include unlimited use of both rooms.

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